– Naturally Leavened Bread – 

 – Naturally Leavened Bread – 


“Visit our bakery shop + cafe to see how your sourdough is made”

Triangle Bakehouse
Commercial Mills
Oldham Road

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Opening times:

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 08:00 – 12:00
Friday 08:00 – 12:00
Saturday 08:00 – 12:00 or until sold out
Sunday Closed


We move at a slow pace in our bakery…”Slow food comes to those who wait”…We enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in our bakery. You can watch Aaron preparing your sourdough bread whilst Vic serves the drinks and cakes. There is just the two of us providing everything so we welcome you into our bakery where you can take your time & rest thi’sen.

Read more about how it all started on “Our Ethos” page.

We use a variety of different flours in our bread, mainly Yorkshire Organic Millers (www.yorkshireorganicmillers.com) and Gilchesters Organics (www.gilchesters.com). Both suppliers produce exceptional flour which is grown and milled in the North of England. Not only do we have the joy of producing tasty, wholesome bread with their flour, we also get the feel-good factor of supporting British millers and farmers, securing a better future for Organic produce in the UK.

For our seeds & pulses we use Hodmedod’s who are committed to providing quality food from British farms that’s more sustainably produced. All Hodmedod’s pulses and grains are British-grown – and always will be!

Then there is the salt we use, it may only be a small percentage of our bakes but it is very important. Salt is an important foundation for so many aspects of life, history & culture…not just in baking. We source our salt from Halen Môn in Anglesey (our most local salt supplier & we think they’re the best!) You could say there is salt between us.



We strive to bake healthy, nutritious, naturally leavened bread using a variety of organic, heritage and modern grains.

And we want to share this bread with our local community.

Our journey started when Vic’s health deteriorated dramatically due to Crohn’s disease (a form of inflammatory bowel disease). During recovery we started investigating the ingredients that were included in our normal diet and didn’t like what we were finding.

We enjoy making food from scratch and this focus on improved health and wellbeing over the last few years has developed our baking and cooking. We bake using the base ingredients, excluding additives, keeping our recipes as simple as possible, whilst maximising the taste and nutritional value.

A lot of diets require various foods to be cut out. Vic’s Crohn’s diet involved a lot of changes, but, she still wanted to enjoy some of the foods that she used to eat. Fortunately for us, in the case of bread, this didn’t involve avoiding bread altogether, we just needed to make changes. At first we gradually cut out processed bread by moving to real bread – containing just flour, water, salt & yeast.

Aaron began baking loaves at home following books like Richard Bertinet’s Crust (www.richardbertinet.com) before seeking further guidance from local charity Love Bread in Brighouse (www.lovebread.org.uk) . His passion for bread making was growing each day and he then felt ready to take the next step and changed his career from being a mechanic to a baker. He joined the renowned Handmade Bakery & Café team in Slaithwaite in 2015 (www.thehandmadebakery.coop). Aaron’s colleagues showed him the ways of slow fermented real bread, sourdough and viennoiserie, nurturing his passion for baking. The Handmade Bakery co-op also host courses for home-bakers. Soon Aaron was helping to host these courses, where he could share his experience with others, hoping they would catch the bug too.

As if baking around 400 loaves a day at HMB wasn’t enough! Aaron would also bake in his spare time. He has been researching further into sourdough bread and heritage grains, and the health benefits slow fermented and stoneground bread can bring. After an inspirational road trip to Sweden in 2018, we realised that our ethos and tasty bread should be shared! We sampled lots of fantastic sourdough bakeries over there and talked to the bakers who use these heritage grains as part of their normal daily bakes. Once we returned home the Triangle Bakehouse was formed.