How do I order?
This website is just like any other online shop, where you can collect your selected items from our bakery shop in Ripponden, West Yorkshire. We are open Thursday to Saturday (8am – 12pm) for you to collect your order, just select which day you would like to collect. Please bring your order confirmation when you come to collect your order. Please note you will need to order at least 3 days in advance of the collection day. If you have passed the last order day, your order will be ready to collect the following week. E.g. If you order between Friday and Monday for a Thursday collection, it will be available on Thursday. However, if you order between Tuesday and Thursday, for a Thursday collection, it will be available the following Thursday.

Why is the last order date 3 days before collection?
We only make sourdough bread, which is a 3 day process. So we need to know what you would like in plenty of time to put it into production.
If you would like to know more details about how sourdough is made, please read on: On the first day we ‘bulk up’ the leaven, this gives us the required amount of leaven to make our sourdough ‘builds’ in the evening. Sourdough ‘builds’ are then made using some of the ‘bulked up’ leaven, which in turn gives us the leavening required for each type of bread (white/seeded/spelt etc)
On the second day, we mix the dough using the sourdough ‘build’ and add more flour, water & salt. The dough is then fermented & ‘folded’ before being ‘shaped’ before being ‘retarded’ overnight in our fridges. On the third and final day (bear with us!) we bake the bread, and either sell to you lovely lot or deliver to wholesale customers.

Will there be bread available in your shop which hasn’t been ordered?
Yes, we want to ensure everyone is able to get their daily bread, so we will allocate some loaves for pre-order & some for the shelves in our bakery.

Why do you only bake Sourdough bread?
Sourdough is just made from three key ingredients – flour, water & salt. Although sometimes we add other lovely, natural ingredients. Eating bread shouldn’t be a ‘naughty’ food item, it’s a staple in our diet, however, it should be as healthful, tasty & satisfying as possible. Sourdough is more easily digestible than other types of bread, allowing for more of the nutrients to be absorbed.

Why do you use organic stoneground flours?
We use UK grown and milled organic stoneground flours as they are better for us, better for our community better for the planet. Stoneground flours contain the nutritious Germ and Bran, whereas the more common roller-milled flour process extracts as much of the Endosperm a possible to produce a loftier loaf. For this reason we think it’s more than worthwhile baking our sourdough with stoneground flours. The bran contains high levels of fibre and the germ contains omega 3, B vitamins and vitamin E. And then…there is the little old Aleurone (the layer between the bran and the endosperm) which contains most of the minerals, vitamins, phenolic antioxidants and lignans of the wheat grain!
Lignans are substances found in plants which are believed to be beneficial to health and help prevent disease. They are antioxidants and also great for balancing hormones. So, you guys love ancient grain & heritage wheat varieties of flour, ey? Pour-quoi? Each and every type of wheat, whether it be spelt, emmer, einkorn, khorasan (kamut) & even your usual wheat all contain different types of nutrients and vitamins. They also have different flavour profiles, so we can enjoy a different tasty loaf which still just contains the 3 core ingredient of flour, water & salt.

Are you still open whilst Coronavirus is happening?
Yes, unless we are told otherwise by the government, as we are a food production business. We have had to close our café, however, we are still baking bread, cakes + treats and serving them in recyclable or compostable bags/boxes/cups. We ask that everyone wears a mask on entry to the bakery and that anyone with symptoms of coronavirus not to enter our bakery + to arrange for someone else to come on their behalf. The entrance door to the bakery will be open so no need to touch anything (apart from your lovely
baked goods!). We only accept payment by card for any items purchased on the day in our shop. Please respect others by keeping a safe distance of 4 baguette-lengths from each other! We really appreciate your support during these unprecedented & unusual times!

Do you provide a delivery service?
Not at this moment in time. If you have any issues with getting to our shop, please email us at

and we will help whenever possible.